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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

So excited….

My daughter called to say she has a new job….after interviewing multiple times at multiple schools she was finally offered a position to teach 3rd grade.  While I know there are so many other career paths that she could have taken that would pay so much better, to me she is where she was meant to be…she will be a fantastic teacher.  She will be the kind that her students will remember their whole lives as the person who either lit their internal candle of learning, or kept it burning bright.

When she was in kindergarden her teacher said she would be the perfect student if it weren't for the fact that she was always up out of her chair helping all of the other kids.  He called her his social butterfly and was just as good as a room mother.   He was very complementary, she didn't disrupt the class, she just finished her work first and always felt compelled to help others keep up with her.  Her 1st grade teacher was also wonderful, she even came to birthday parties for her students…she encouraged Sara to do her best, then go one more step.  But most importantly, Sara has the ability to hold a conversation with only her talking, she has patients (been a cashier at Home Depot for 10 years) and she is able to communicate with kids and get them to do what they should be doing without debating the issue with them…..and they think it was their idea all along.

So what does this have to do with stitching?  Well it is helping me pick out my 2014/15 new starts…like I need new starts LOL  So here they are in "no particular order"…..

Every room needs an American flag, and what better than to have each of the States represented and teach the kids about quilt squares?  This one has been on my wish list to stitch for a long time, since I saw it stitched up at a show.  I have some 36 ct. or 40 ct. material I got a few years ago with this in mind.  AND it was one of my original pattens brought to CA.

Next two I got when my daughter first started to take sign language to meet her foreign language requirements in high school  She continued to take sign language in college, so I know this will be something she shares with her peeps in her very own classroom.  Also love the fact that it shows the word in all different languages.

I love doing over one :)  and got this kit a long time ago too.  I think it will look great hanging in a classroom don't you?  "Inspire Others" by Hearts Content - if my daughter doesn't want it (yea right), it can hang in my office next to my "Kindred Spirits".  While it's not large, doing the over one takes me a long time because I do full x's.  This is one of several I have in my stash - I have one with different animals (silhouettes) I will look at doing the animals too, but this one first.  I know my daughter will spend years inspiring others.

What kid doesn't like bugs???  I have several bugs, mostly beetles - all of these are by Dimple Designs.  I meet Mr. Dimples himself when he was new to the industries.  He is such a creative designer and I love his stuff.  I've not ever stitched any, so hoping this little bug stitches fast.

What classroom wouldn't be complete without a math problem.  And this is one the kids hopefully have heard by 3rd grade.  If not then they will before they leave and hopefully figure it out themselves.  This is by Indigo Rose - another one of my favorite designers - I have several of her designs and have completed one and have another one in progress.  I took a class from her, she is a fun teacher, but a little retentive when it comes to where you start on the project. Oh well, since I don't complete with my stitching, I'll just start where it gives me the most fun.

And last of the charts I pulled out is by Victorian Samplers - "T" is for Teacher.  Another favorite designer of mine - I've done her Silk Wisteria and have the 3 other gazebos in the pile to do, but they will need to wait.  I will probably start with this one since I really would like her to have it this year.  I know it won't be done to hang up in her room on the first day (which is the 13th of August), but it will be there hopefully before her last day in May of 2015.

So will spend a day this weekend looking at my thread and seeing what I have and what I need.  Then will make out my shopping list and go for a road trip :)  Hubby will be home next week, so will have someone to go with me.  Not sure if we'll head north or south.

I'm realistic in my stitching goals, they are lofty to say the least.  I know I have 3 Lavender & Lace angels to finish; 1 Mirabilia Fairy to finish, 2 Shepard Bush Christmas stockings to finish; 8 more charts in SamSarah's "The Flock" to finish; tooth pillow needlepoint to finish, several Painted Point angels to finish into ornament, and the list goes on.  So my realistic goal for 2015 is at least one of the above charts started and complete and hopefully I'll get 2 angels done.

2014 goals will be the 2 stockings and actually finishing the needlepoint angels…they are stitched I just refuse to pay $$ to have someone else sew them into ornaments.  When I did my first one I paid $24 to have it finished, the last one I had professionally finished it cost me $48 and I wasn't all that happy with the results….last time I priced it out it was around $98!!  you know I've been sewing for over 40 years, I think I can figure this out.

So please help me stay motivated, help me explain to my hubby why the dust is 3" thick before I get to it and that cooking is NOT a woman's chore (unless of course you enjoy it), and anyone can do the dirty dishes…… dance card is filling up fast.

Sandy….keep on stitching, you can panic later….

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