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Friday, July 25, 2014

Do you have a favorite stitching bag?

I've always had a favorite bag, but this last one has been my VERY favorite bag for close to 14 years.  It goes every where with me, even when I'm not toting my stitching around.  I love it…..  Even though I'm not technically a pink person, this has enough other colors to tone down the pink, so I really like the colors in the bag.  I especially love all the pockets on the inside.  There are 4 narrow pockets and 2 larger ones, so I can put my scissors, ruler, knitting needles etc in them and not have to search through the bag for stuff at the bottom.  Then there are two pockets on the outside, one with a flap and one without that are perfect for tucking napkins, tea bags, books or anything else I might want easy access too.  There is a zipper across the top, so nothing falls out and the straps are long enough to carry over your shoulder, but also small enough that if I carry it down it doesn't drag on the floor.  I can put a ton of stuff in it, including my computer, I-pad, kindle, knitting and stitching all at the same time.   So what is NOT to love about it????

From afar it still looks really great… but up close you can see the wear and tear.  So what to do, what to do….do I replace it?  Or I try to fix it?  If try to fix it, how do I accomplish this?     I really hate the thought of looking for a new bag and while I have other bags in my crafting closet, they just aren't as good as this bag.  this one has really spoiled me.   I guess for now I will continue to use it, but at some point it will need to be retired.  There are other worn spots, but none as bad as the handles.

On the stitching front I finished up the 4th chart on SamSarah's The Flock.  I pulled out the 5th chart, but haven't started the little birdie yet.  It should go quickly and then I'll almost be caught up with where I would like to be.

I also have been working on my stocking.  I have the bottom section completed and I've actually started on the angel.

Tomorrow is a stitching day with the Southern Cal ladies, so I'm hoping for a lot more progress on at least two projects….stay tune for more :)  I'm thinking of pulling something out of the bin to stitching on tomorrow that hasn't seen the light of day for a while.



  1. What's that piece at the end of your post? It's so pretty. Love all your stitching. Can't help on how to repair your bag but couldn't you (or a friend) use it as a pattern to make another?

    1. That is my SB Christmas Stocking - it's called Sophie's Stocking. I have the bottom of it finished, normally I work from the top down, but wasn't sure if my material would be wide enough, so I started this one at the bottom. I want to take a class in bag making, once I get the jest of how to do it, then I can play around with adding the bells and whistles I want :) Maybe next year.