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Monday, September 29, 2014

So what are your plans for 2015?

For some reason, unknown to myself, I've decided to join some additional x-stitch groups in 2015.  One of them is 31 starts in 31 days….well not going to actually start 31 new projects in 31 days, but I am going to have 31 projects in my rotation.

I've been busy cutting fabric the last two days and putting them with the charts and placing them by my sewing machine so I can stitch around the edges.  I've not taken pictures, but will at some point before the year starts.  

I have 3 other projects that aren't listed that I know I'll start sometime in 2015 if I can find the right material.  One of them is L&L's Mother's Tree that I'm going to do for my granddaughter, she is such a pink diva, so while I want to include pink in the design, I don't want to overwhelm it with PINK.  So I'm looking for a hand dyed with soft pink, purple and greens.

Since she is the daughter of my step daughter I debated how I wanted to do it, I want my daughter's mother, grandmother, and greats as far back as I'm able to do because those are the women who helped to shape who she is today.

However I also feel like I should be in there too since I've raised her since she was 6 or 7, and I'm the only grandmother on our side that my granddaughter will know (her mother passed away when she was 6 / 7).  So I talked to my daughter and asked her if she would be offended if I added myself in as her step mother.  She was OK with the idea which made me happy.

So once I figure out the logistics of it all I will do the same with the Mother's Tree I may do for my daughter(s) and my sister's daughters should they have children because my Mom lost her Mom, and while she was a teenager when it happened, for us we only knew her step-mother, and she was a big influence on who I am today, so want to honor her by putting her as part of my history or my sister's history.

so that is one of the 3 other starts, the other two are Victoria Sampler's Teacher - need to find some banded linen and Ink Circle - Bright Idea.

Phew, that was a lot to think about, so now on to my list :

L&L Ice Angel X-stitch 200??
SamSarah The Flock X-stitch 2014
Mirabilia Designs August Peridot Fairy X-stitch 2014
SB Peter's Patch X-stitch 2013
TIAG EarthDancer X-stitch 2013
L&L Angel of Love X-stitch 2004
Rosewood Manor Autum Quakers X-stitch 2015
Train Belt Needlepoint 2012
Twisted Threads Orthida the Witch X-stitch 2014
SB Angel's Song X-stitch 2014
Courney Collection PeliCan X-stitch 2015 re-start
Mirabilia Designs Sleeping Princess X-stitch 2015
Hinzeit Nine Lives X-stitch 2015
Nora Corbett Letter D Mermaid X-stitch 2015
Indigo Rose Walking to St Ives X-stitch 2015
Dragon Fire Designs Family X-stitch 2015
Dragon Fire Designs Friend X-stitch 2015
Country Stitches-With Thy Needle Forget me Not X-stitch 2015
Curtis Boehringers Ostrich X-stitch 2015
Curtis Boehringers Panda X-stitch 2015
Curtis Boehringers Quail X-stitch 2015
Lizzy Kate Let Them be Small X-stitch 2015
Pen & Ink X-stitch Collection Ms. Marley & Me X-stitch 2015
The Wiz Needlepoint 200?
Leigh's Designs Dragon Needlepoint 2009 re-start
SB Stocking TBD X-stitch 2015
Maureen Appleton Inspire Others X-stitch 2015
Maureen Appleton O'Tannenbaum X-stitch 2015
Oh My Stars X Canvas 2015
DebBee’s Designs American Beauty X Canvas 2015
Mirabilia Designs Letter A - TBD X-stitch 2015


  1. My first reaction to his was "Oh Lord -- planning for 2015 -- I'm not ready!!!!" That was quickly erased by "ooo planning for 2015! Cool -- let's go." I wish you luck on your plans--- now I'm off to scheme some :)

  2. And you definitely need to be on the tree -- :) You are an integral part of who those young womena re and will be.

  3. Nice list, and I look forward to seeing these projects at our future local group's GTGs. :)