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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Someone has made a mistake….

As hot as it’s been here in Southern California, I’m convinced that it’s still summer, it can’t be OCTOBER all ready!!  So Christmas can’t be around the corner, therefore if I continue on with this path of reasoning, I’ve got plenty of time to get 2 Christmas stocking done!!  Both are stockings for baby girls J good thing I work well under pressure, cause I'm sure that is what I'll be facing here pretty quickly.

October 8 – Topic:  Are you a Halloween or Christmas stitcher? 

I’ve never really considered myself a stitcher for either holiday.  I love Christmas because it’s family time.  So I’ve done stocking for my grand children, nieces and nephew’s.  I’ve done a couple of Christmas themed band samplers and have needlepointed Mary, Joseph, Jesus, Wise men and Shepard and x-stitched a back drop for my oldest daughter’s Ms. Martha figurines.  I have more in my stash to do, mostly The Wise Men and a few more band samplers. So yes I am a Christmas stitcher……

But I have a passion for witches, so I tend to lean towards Halloween only because of the witches.  I’ve done 2 small Shepard Bush designs with witches and have a 3rd one that is a scissor fob that works its way in my bag, but has yet to make it to actually getting started.  Of course I finished Thy is the Trick and Treat and Halloween Mantle and I just got not 1 but 3 of Mirabilia’s witches.   And I know I have more in my stash that I'm just not thinking about right now…so I'm a Halloween stitcher

I’ve probably stitched more Christmas themed things because of the stockings I’ve done.  However I probably have more Halloween themed charts in my stash.  So I guess my desire is to stitch more Halloween, but in all reality I have finished more Christmas themed projects.  So does that make me a Hallowmas Stitcher?

So what have I accomplished in the last 30 days?  Not a lot, not as much as I would have liked.  So without any future ado here is my progress….


The Flock – I’m working on Chart 8, but didn’t get it finished.  When it’s done the top row will be done.

August Peridot Fairy – I got her bodice just about done and her sash started.  The top wing is about done, just one small part of black let to do.
not sure if this is the last before or not


Tooth Pillow – it is so close to being done, I’ve got a little more background to do in the light green and then the French knots for the tree line.  I want this done for Christmas for my granddaughter.

Ice Angel – not a lot of progress, but some.  I’ve been working on the purple again, got tired of the white. 



Last - I have one more start for this year that has to be done by Christmas, which is a stocking for the newest member of our family.  She came a little bit early (12 weeks), but she is a fighter and healthy.  She should be home by December if not sooner, right now she would fit in the stocking, heck she’d get lost in the stocking.  So hopefully she will be a little bit bigger and fatter by Christmas and won’t fit inside anymore.  It should be done by the next full moon with hopefully a rag quilt for those cold winter nights in Colorado.  Which means the rest of the projects are on hold until then.

Appreciate your coming by.  Only 2 more full moons this year, while it seems like the year has flown by, it’s been a very difficult year for us.  So I won’t be sorry to see it fade into history, looking forward to 2015 and the hope that new year will bring.


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  1. Wow -- great progress! Kudos to you. I am completely with you on the weather thing, but in my little corner of SoCal it is always hot this time of year so I'm used to it.

    Now, go Christmas stocking! lol Good luck on that.