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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday getting ready for Monday

The Moon is waning for another 3 days, then we'll be half way to another full moon and updating my projects.

Until then, here is what I've been up to:

Everette Pearl decided to put in her appearance with a very early arrival, weighing in at a whooping 2 lbs. 12 ozs.  I figured I couldn't procrastinate any long on starting her stocking, was hoping she would wait until after Christmas so I could put it on my list for 2015.  She is several weeks older than this picture now, but not a whole lot bigger.  She is breathing on her own and they have disconnected the IV's, but she continues stay in her little heated condo most of the day and is still getting her feeding through a tube.  Mom and Dad are staying close and not passing up any opportunity to hold her.  Grandma (my sister) hasn't been allowed to hold her yet, but visits often, this is my sister's first grandchild.  I am sure my sister will get lots of opportunities to spoil her rotten.

So here is what I've been working on this weekend
Jillian's Stocking by Shepard's Bush.  I started this one in the center and may live to regret that choice because she name is longer than she is and I'm not sure I'll have enough room for it at the top :(  won't know until I get there.  The question is now - do I stitch to the top so I know sooner rather than later?  Or do I continue down and then go up because either way I'm not starting over again, so why stress myself out before I really need to?

So obviously, there has been 2 weeks since the last full moon and the logical question - have I been stitching on anything else?  I have done a little bit more on my tooth pillow and The Flock, but will save those updates for the full moon.  gotta have something to show off LOL


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