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Sunday, January 25, 2015

A little bit of Stitching This Week

But not as much as I would have liked, but feel like I spent more than normal.

I really wanted to do some sewing this weekend, but just wasn't in the mood.  Actually I was going to start watching Downton Abby, but found that it's not one of Netflix's TV shows that you can stream and I really don't want to get the CDs through them.  Oh well, the rag quilt will get done in February one way or another because the next new baby is due mid-month.

Being in "the mood" has always been my downfall  with my creative side.  When I was in high school I took art classes, LOVED them, had a blast having an hour every day to draw and doodle.  However my teacher told me that art wasn't in my future :(  no she wasn't being unkind, I had some talent (very limited), but my problem was if I didn't feel like drawing, I didn't.  She told me if I really wanted to make money with my art, then I needed to be able to draw or do whatever my chosen craft was ALL the time and NOT when the mood stuck me.  Well I'm still like that, if I'm not in the mood, it just doesn't get done.  Maybe that is way I'm an accountant instead, the pay was better and it didn't require me to be "in the mood", I always enjoy doing my accounting :)

So while I didn't sew this weekend, I did do some stitching over the week.  I found myself being drawn to working on EarthDancer (who I want to call Spirit Dancer all the time).  I pulled her out as one of my starts (ok not a new start), and then pulled her back out 2 more times this week.  So she went from here at the end of 2014 to here.  I wanted to have all of her hair done, but there is a lot of it!! The face is over one, I debated doing this, but since I've done it on all of my other L&L designs I figured I should continue.  

Ms. Kitty found a ball of yarn that I had hidden in a bag in my craft room, where she likes to sleep.  It's been in there for 2 months and I totally forgotten that I hadn't yet really put it away.  I guess she must have gotten bored and decided to entertain herself.  I guess I should be happy she is leaving my stitching alone.

well until next time, hope you are enjoying the journey of your thread and that the frogs are playing in someone else's pond.  I know I had to shoo the frog out of my pond a few times this weekend!!



  1. beautiful stitches and design

  2. Of she is looking beautuful already! Great progress. Glad you got to stitch this week:) love Annette