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Sunday, April 5, 2015

April is Here, what happened to March?

March is a blur, not sure if it came in as a lion or a lamb and how it left.  I guess that is what happens when you live in an area that is mostly sunny and warm every day….how absolutely boring can you get?  I did enjoy March Madness, I'm not a big sports fan, but do love it when my college team participates :)  The Spartan's got to the final four, but were just plainly out played by Duke, it was hard to watch, but I did, then watched the Cats get beat by Wisconsin, another disappointing game.  Oh well, just glad I didn't have money on it :)

So here we are at another full moon and time to post.  Not a lot of stitching for me this month, work has been hectic and I had a terrible cold for about a week.  I am feeling a lot better thankfully and had more energy this weekend, so hubby got a meal actually cooked by me instead of me taking him out to dinner.  He's the cook, I have no desire to cook and while I'm a OK cook, I don't really strive to improve.

So the question for the full moon is:

Which specialty stitches do you love doing on projects? Which do you dread?  

Well I've not been very adventurous in a while, but I like doing most specialty stitches as long as the directions are good.  I do love French knots, so I guess that would be my favorite.

What stitch do I dread?  I don't think I dread any stitch in itself, but rather I dread the combination of stitching.  My biggest dread right now is the collar of my Queen Elizabeth design.  At one time I belonged to ANG and use to go to their Saturday stitch-in. One of the ladies there wanted to do the collar, so I was letting her, but I dropped out of the group before she could finish, so Lizzie sits while I dread doing the collar.  One day….maybe

OK, now on to what I've done since the last full moon.   These projects were up-graded from the foot stool storage to my stitching bag.  What is in the stitching bag usually gets pulled out more often in a month where I don't do a lot of stitching because the q-snaps are already on them, so it takes less energy.  

L*K got some attention, it is officially at the half way mark.  I've moved the q-snaps so I can start on the top half of it now.

I did work on my August Peridot Fairy this month.  I got the rest of the hand in and filled in all the rest of the missing stitching on the top half.  Moved the q-snaps down and started on the skirt.  So this one is also officially at the half way mark and then some!!  I will work on this one more often because I'd like to have it done for my daughter's birthday in August.

And lastly, I pulled out Letter D Mermaid.  This one too is officially at the half way mark and I moved the q-snap.  I've temped to do a little beading in the parts that I've finished stitching.  I'm hoping to have this one done this summer or at least by fall so I can get it framed and to my grand-daughter for Christmas.  

I think this coming month I will concentrate on a couple of my band samplers.  I'm hoping for more stitching time.

Thanks for coming to my blog, can't wait to see what you've all been up to this past month.




  1. The August Peridot Fairy looks lovely - the colours are gorgeous:)

  2. That August fairy is looking fab. I may have to track that design down for myself one day. Love all your projects - and celebrate with you that you've moved past the half-way mark!

  3. Good progress. Your WIPs are lovely.

  4. Your WIPs are so pretty. I am looking forward to watching your progress on the fairy and mermaid.

  5. Well, that's three gorgeous projects at the half way mark so you've done well.
    I agree with you on the cookery front too. I'd rather eat the results than do the preparation!