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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Who let the Frogs out...rippit...rippit

who let the frogs out.....rippit....rippit

I thought was I just flying and come to find out I stitch the wrong color in his cape.  See the red area?  Well it shouldn't be red :(  it needed to be gray.  So no problem right, just re-stitch that red into the flower motif right?  

Well almost right.  I stitched the wrong red in the area and had guessed it, rippit out again and re-stitch it once again.

So you would think that the story of the frogs in my pond would end there, right????  well NO the green in the body of the shepherd is WRONG too :( it was supposed to be Wisconsin Woods instead of the Weeping Willow, which is why I only had 1 skein instead of 2.  So now the dilemma is, do I take it all out?  or leave it??????

Since this pictures I've added the his legs and shoes while I think about it.

I normally love the little frogs we have around our home in KY, but right now I really want these frogs to go and find another pond to play in.  I need to get this done and not re-do it 1,000 times.  I also had to take out the white under the hat because I'm miss counted.  Do you think this project is cursed?  Is this an omen that it shouldn't be completed????

So do I take out the Weeping Willow (and I will be weeping as I do it) and replace it?  The Wisconsin Woods is more of a grayish purple, which would probably look better.  Or leave it and call it good.

May the frogs lose their way to your home



  1. I hate to rip out even one stitch!...I would leave the Weeping Willow - but that's me. So much extra time and he looks great

  2. Oh no I hope you've made peace with him by now! I would have left it :)