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Sunday, December 25, 2016

I got the best present

UPDATE - got pictures of two more stockings I did!!

These are duplicate stitched stockings I did back in about 1994 or 95.  At the time duplicate stitch was the 'in' thing.

for Christmas.   My granddaughter was able to come to our house the day before Christmas and we'll get to keep her through New Years!!  I was so happy I cried (ok I cry all the time), but they were happy tears..

The kids hide her in a big box and told us that we had to open it up so they could finish cooking dinner.   Since we'd gotten our kitchen done recently I thought it was something they were adding to the kitchen.  Anyways, I was totally surprised because I didn't think I'd get to see her until tomorrow.  So much fun having a child in the house Christmas morning.

I also asked my sister to take a picture of my nieces X-mas stock and was able to get pictures of my very first X-mas stocking I made and my granddaughters.  All I can say is baby you've come a long way in your abilities :)

My Mom is a fantastic knitter and when we started having kids of our own, she knitted stocking for each of them.   The kitten stocking was made for my youngest daughter and the last stocking my Mom knitted, she is still with us, but just don't knit anymore, not sure why.  My sister has 2 children and I had 3 of my own, so maybe she was just burned out, since our kids were born almost all a year apart.

When my oldest daughter came into my life, I wanted her to feel part of the family, so I knitted her a stocking I found out of a Better Homes & Garden magazine.  Obviously my knitting abilities were not on par with my Mom's ability.  (I did the reindeer on white with a red cuff)  I've since learned how to knit better, but Dawn loved her stocking just the same because she saw that I was putting out the effort.  My Mom's stocking was knitted in the round, mine was knitted flat and then sewn together.  I now knit in the round :)

I wish I had pictures of the ones I did for my sister Carol's kids.  My Mom had decided she didn't want to knit the stockings anymore by the time my sister had kids, so I stepped up and tried something new - duplicate stitch.  My niece promise me a picture, but haven't gotten it.

The stocking with "Emily" was the first SB stocking.  I think it turned out well, and this makes its 20th Christams appearance.  So it's held up well too :)  I mist have done something right.

As you can see as time went on, the designs by SB got better and better. and I branched out to different types of material.  I loved the heatherfield material, and was so sad when it was disconntinued.  And so as I've depleted my stash of it on stockings, I've found that I've had to go back to the original linen.  I guess you can say I've gone the full circle.

Merry Christmas to all



  1. Love your Stockings. I have seen so many of those Shepards Bush - I am really starting to feel the need to stitch one. Yours are lovely

  2. Beautiful stockings all made with love! What a wonderful surprise to have you granddaughter a day early. I hope you had a lovely Christmas together.

  3. Beautiful stockings! I think my Grandma made the stockings with the same pattern as the kitty, the green background is familiar. :)


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