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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Merry Christmas

I know I'm a little bit early, but it will be a couple of busy days for me.  I'm busy at work trying to get stuff done so I can take some vacation days and enjoy family.  while I don't do a lot of Christmas stitching, I have done lots of stockings.  I just wish I would have taken pictures of them all.  My first one was 20 years ago!!  Well I should clarify that statement, I did 2 duplicate stitched stocking for my sister's kids after my Mom stopped knitting the grandchildren their stockings - and that was about 26 years ago.  Then I found Shepard Bush and started making their stockings.  I've included some of the pictures here, but don't have any of my early ones at all :(  Maybe this year I'll get pictures of some of the others I've done.  Until then, here are the last 5 I've done, the last one will have to wait on a new baby.  I'm sure there will be a little boy at some point.

Have four kids I always think about doing things in sets of four.  Below are 3 of the 4 ornaments I started years ago, I worked on them hot and heavy a few years ago, but have yet to finish them.  I know I had a picture of the 4th one too, but not sure where I put it :(  That is one of my new year goal's to find my forgotten UFO's and get them finished.

The last picture is of one of the Needlepoint Santa's I did for my kids and my hubby.  The class was for 1 each month during the year.  I did January, April, May, July and August.  Again, I wish I would have taken pictures, but at the time I never thought about it.

I also don't have pictures of the four little needlepoint christmas Light bulbs with a little design in each, a santa, gingerbread man, penguin and a snowman.  I have 2 1/2 stitched, but not actually finished.

Oh well, can't get it all done.  So as i ponder what I've started and yet to accomplish, I really think I need a year of "getter done".

Hope you all have a great Christmas and got anything that had to be done, done.



  1. Beautiful work on everything! I don't have photos of my early stuff either.

  2. I'm there with you I need to finish some things too. I love all of the stitching, it's lovely :)