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Sunday, March 5, 2017

You know you are getting old when

You accuse your wife of hiding or breaking a bowl you want to use, only for her to find it sitting on the counter with fruit.  I started to laugh when I saw it, mind you for several days he had been telling that he has looked absolutely EVERYWHERE and it's not in our tiny apartment. I mean our kitchen doesn't have enough room for 2 people to move around.   So you got to admit it was pretty funny.  I told him I hide it in plain sight.

I've not been doing a lot of stitching in the evenings, I need to change that and get better about putting in a few stitches each evening.  Or at least spending my weekend making up for my lack of stitching during the week.  I do try to stitch everyday at lunch and as such I am making some progress on my needlepoint - Emerald City.   Taking a needlepoint to work with me is easy, less counting involved, no charts needed, just my canvas, thread and needles.

So here is my progress.  I went from here to....... Here......well actually all of the grass is done now.

I'm not sure I'm totally happy with the brick road, but going to get more done before I decide it if goes or stays.

Yesterday I talked my hubby into going on an adventure to San Diego, there are 2 really great shops down there.  One with lots of threads, which is my ultimate weakness.  So I got some thread for a new project I've been wanting to start and also some thread for the sky, going sparkly for it as well.  Will try it out this week.

Also got 3 new canvases, one is a small turtle, one is a moon and the last one is a small book marker that will work up quickly.  I know I needed another canvas like I need another x-stitch project, but hey, whats a girl going to do?

I also got some material while in San Diego, so going to do a few more pillow cases.

Hope your March is going well and that you are getting stuff done.


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