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Sunday, August 29, 2021

Here we are again at the end of another Month

This year is flying by, it seems like the month just starts then I blink my eyes as we are at the end of the month.  

I retired the end of March, enjoyed April through July and decided to go back to work in August.  I really love what I was doing, I just wasn't happy doing it for that employer, but that is another story for another day.  Anyways, I found a new company to work with and I will essentially be doing the same thing, and it is fully remote, and they are willing to work with my hours so I can continue to help with my Mom's care.  Excited!!

WIPocalypse is still going on and I have updated my blog for August's posting, if you want to see what others are doing, you can go here and Measi has links to other blogs


So what has happened this month?  Well lets start with the question:

August 29 – Which of your project finishes made you the most proud? The most relieved?

This is a hard question to answer because I have so many that I really like and in my mind the best is yet to come.  I think if you ask what one I really am most relieved it's done it has to be my Baptism   I hated doing the water and my girlfriend who stitches a lot better than me offered to finish it for me.  I remember there was a question asked on a FB page, can't remember the exact question, but my response was having a friend who would complete your stitching for you.  The comments under my post were horrible - people saying how they wouldn't ever want someone else to touch their stitching etc.  I really felt sorry for the person who started the question, as they indicated that was a such a nice thing to do, and she too was blasted for her comment.  Anyways, I'm sure I dropped off that FB group because I didn't want to be judged.  I loved the picture, but just not doing the water, it sat for probably 8 years waiting on the water to be finished, so to me this was the best option, I'm sure it would still be sitting there waiting on me to finish it.  My hubby was thrilled to see it finished and it hangs in our house in the living room and I willing admit that I had help.  A good friend helps you when you need it the most.

So what have I done this month?  No real finishes, but some small advances

First up is The Four Angel Mourning Sampler.  I pulled it back out and worked on the 1st angel (there are 4) and got most of the wing done.  I'm waiting on my thread drops so I can keep my silk thread organized and cut into lengths.  This was a re-start, I had most of the angel done before and some of the center section started.  I will get there, it will just take me awhile.  

Next up is my Lucky 13, which was a stitch along with a very small group at the LNS.  When COVID hit they stopped the monthly get together, and while it started back up last spring, I opted not to re-join at this time.  I spend a lot of time with my folks and help as my Mom's care giver, so I avoid being with people that I don't know where they have been (yes I still wear masks at the grocery store even through I've been vaccinated).  The shop is small and we are crowded into a smaller area, I didn't think it was safe, even with a mask, you couldn't socially distance.  Anyways, I've continue to work on this and got 2 more motifs completed (the Candy Corn and the Black Cat) and started a 3rd, the Skelton with his Skelton cat.  I'm off on this one and to correct it i'd have to take it almost all out, so think I will leave it with the idea only I will know there is a mistake.  It won't make that much of a difference and I can get the last two motifs placed right even with this one being off.  I really like stitching on this, it is so much fun.   However it's in time out for now.

Next up my Angel Song by SB.  This one is about 1/2 done, which is disappointing to me as I feel like I should have it done by now, or at least be further along than I am.  Some of the band left will go quickly, but there are about 2 more larger bands yet to be done that will take more than 20 minutes to do. 

The one I'm working on will take me while to finish, it's the town/city motif, so there are a lot of color changes.  I'd like to have this one finished by year end, so we'll see if it comes and plays anymore this year.  I have so many WIP's that I haven't touched yet, but I have another band sampler I want to start, but won't until this one is done..

The last picture is not a cross stitch, it is my Thimbleberry quilt.  I finally got the center section sewn together.  I had all the squares done, but needed to assemble.  I had to take out and re-sew several times before I got it right, but it's done.  I have the inner borders cut and will get them sewn on.  I was going to do it this weekend, but it's still hot here, and while the basement is partially underground, it tends to be hotter during the summer than upstairs.  In the winter is's really cold, so I'm hoping to get this sewn sometime in September and to the quilters before her Christmas deadline of the end of September.  If I miss that, I will still drop it off, my daughter's birthday is in January, so there is time.  I have a second quilt that I have all the squares sewn and just need to assemble.  That one I will work on after this one is done.

Can't wait to see what others are working on and hope you enjoy my progress.



  1. I have a feeling the fb group you speak of was Stitch Maynia. I left that group 2 years ago because of all the judge-y people there! It was mob rule in that group.

    Beautiful stitching and your quilt is amazing! Sounds like the new job is going well:)

  2. It's good to read you have a new job that suits your lifestyle, sometimes it is the people not the work that make a job difficult, I wish you all the best.

    Online groups can be tricky, I have hosted Needlecraft Haven for over 10 years, we started with many members but over time they have drifted away leaving us currently a group of about 10 active members. It's a lovely place, maybe because we are a few but we have no yuk stuff of any kind.

    Your stitching and quilting is lovely, great progress.

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  4. I finished a piece that my Mum started, which was tricky as she does her stitches the opposite way to me! I guess those people would never do a Round Robin? Or a group project. I can't remember who it was but she took a project to a retreat and got everyone to stitch a little bit on it. What a lovely idea.