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Sunday, September 26, 2021

OMG we are at the end of September

I haven't been good about blogging this year, I would love to get to the point that I blog weekly, but most times I don't have a lot to say or show.  I'm hoping 2022 will be different and I will have time to stitch more and get my act together.

So anyways I'm posting my monthly update for WIPocalypse which is the group formed by Measi.  She also has set up a FaceBook Group, so hopefully you can see what people are doing, I'm going to insert the link to her blog here:


So the question:

September 26 – List five projects you have unstarted in your stash that you’d like to start something in the (relatively) near future.

Great question - I've just joined NoNewStarts 2022 and while the 2021 was no new starts at all, and it's almost October and so far no new starts, but in 2022 they are giving you options and one of them is 22 in 22 - which you can have 22 WIPs at any given time, which could include a new start if you finish something, or if you start out the year with less than 22 on your list, you can add some new starts.  So I've been looking at things that I really want to start.  Here is my list :)

Heartstrings SampleryHis Eye Is On the Sparrow
Barbara Ana DesignAll Creatures Great & Small
Carriage House SamplingHalloween at Hawk Run Hollow
White Lyon Needleart DesignsQuaker's Poem
Heartstrings SampleryDogs Last Will & Testament

Heart's ContentWicked Was Here
Mani di DonnaRight To Vote

Hands On DesignTomayto, Tomahto

OK I know there are more than 5, but after not starting anything for 9 months and 3 more months to go, well a girl has got to do what a girl needs to do :)  The Quaker's Poem I want to put on a L&L Mother's Tree, which I have kind of kitted up. I'm sure there are others, like Winter Quarter by Rosewood Manor that is all kitted up and WITCH by Glendon Place that is all kitted and if I can ever find it the Witch's Wheel by Ink circle that I have the material, but not the threads yet.  

So what have I done this past month?  

Spirit Dancer got some love this month.  I have not touched her all year, so it was time for her to come out and play.  I'm trying pull out things that I haven't touched yet with the hopes by the end of the year I've work on all my WIPS

Next up is Family - by Dragon's Dream.  I had most of one hand done, but it was off, so I pulled it all out.  So while it looks like the 2nd picture should be first, not so this time.  I am working on getting the hand back in, but not back to where it had been.  But at least it's counted right this time!!

Hope to have more progress next month.  Its KnockOutober in my No New Starts group.  I'm hoping to get at least one more finish before the end of the year.


  1. I've been working on WIPS this last part of this year myself. Those are some great designs you've got planned for starts next year. Spirit Dancer looks great!

  2. Spirit Dancer is beautiful. I've had the chart for over 25 years but never started her!
    I like the idea of limiting to 22 projects next year. I'm doing "22 in '22" next year, just deciding what is going to make the list. Halloween at Hawk Run Hollow is going to be my focus piece for next year. I am aiming for at least 22 weeks on that one!

    1. I've joined the No New Start 22:22 now. Just waiting to see if they will let me include my Smalls as long as I keep the total WIPs under 22.
      There was a question about how I heard about the group but no option for "on a blog" so I just said "from a friend".