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Friday, April 27, 2012

Sure glad I did a lot of stitching before

Cause I'm not getting a lot done these days.  I'm sure I haven't completed as many projects as other stitchers I know.  And I've certainly not completed any really large projects, but I have managed to accumulate a nice collection for myself...well if my daughter ever gives any of them back that is...  I've also planned a lot of really neat projects for each of my kids in mind and now I'm looking at things for my grandkids.  What's in the planning stage you ask?  Stay tuned to see, I'm planning a post on projects to be started from my SABLE collection.

But my immediate goal is to have my grandson's Spirit Dancer done by the end of this year.  I look at it every day, but haven't had a chance to really get back to it yet.  Maybe I'll work on it this sunday.  So what I'm posting today is my immediate works in progress (WIP's vs UFO's, which is a post for another day).  These are all things I've worked on in the past 3 months and are items that I want to have done before year end :)

 This the second sock - I'm working my way to the toe.  My problem is I LIKE knitting on the smaller needles when it comes to socks, so it' takes me longer to get them done.  These are done on 2's, I have a pair started on 1's, but want to start a pair that I'll use 2 1/2's of 3's for a quicker finish.
 This is the start of a belt for my son - I've done belts for all of his sisters and really wanted to do a dragon for him.  But alas, when I found the belt I didn't buy it thinking I would get it later.....well it was gone when later came, so when I saw the train one, I decided i should get it and I've started it.  Its my traveling project, so hope to have a lot more done before the summer is over as I'm going back home for a week and then a quick trip to see a nephew married in August.
This is MY angel.  I've done angels for all of my girls and my son, husband, two sisters and my Mom.  Decided it was my turn before I start on the grandkids and my other sister and brother.  I started her over a year ago, but she got put away.  Well she is back out and I've got all of the threads purchased, so want to get her done.  I have 2 other angels done, and I need to get them finished, might try it myself, have a small heart to practice on first.  When I did a stocking for the first time I think I spent more time agonizing over doing it, than it really took to do it!!
The Spirit Dancer - while this picture hasn't appeared before, she has in several posts.  She is for my grandson who turned 1 this year.  Would like to have it done and to him before he's married.  So will focus on this one as soon as my granddaughter goes home.  I've made a lot of progress on it over the past 5 or 6 months, but it's been stalled for the last 2 :(    Once it's done, then I'll start another one.  I love the Lavender and Lace and Told in the Garden designs, have completed 3 angels so far.

Well need to get to bed, tomorrow is Disneyland with our granddaughter, I got a park hopper so we can go between the two parks and got a 2 day pass, so we can go again maybe next weekend.  I love to see the excitement in her eyes and she LOVEs to do all the rides!!   Can't wait....

have a great day and my your thread be long enough to complete your row.


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